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Identity Films' Story Analysis

This service is provided for writers who want to have their screenplays, teleplays, manuscripts, treatments and plays analyzed by Hollywood Professionals.

Put Your Project to the Test

Before receiving a "Pass" from a major company, which most likely will be the end of the line for your script there, put your material to the test with us. The feedback we give you will simulate that from any studio or agency reader. Don’t use up that one golden contact, and ruin any chance your project has to garner serious attention. Allow our experienced readers to analyze your story first.

Our experienced staff will give you thorough comments so you always put your best foot forward before using up that one golden contact, and ruin any chance your project has to garner serious attention. Allow our experienced readers to analyze your story first! We have the system and experience in place to QUICKLY and RELIABLY evaluate your submissions.

We Don't Take Weeks to Return Our Analysis

Our turnaround is a week, at most.

Identity Films Pledges Quality and Confidentiality!

We guarantee you honest, intelligent, well-crafted critiques. Identity Films will never divulge any information about clients or their material to any outside parties. Who knows, we may just be interested in optioning your material…

How It Works


Services and Rates

pdfServices & Rates

You can order coverage or development notes on: screenplays, teleplays, television episodes and pilots, treatments, shorts, manuscripts, books, and plays.

Our standard services include:

FULL COVERAGE (3-6 page report)
Logline, box ratings (poor to excellent), commercial potential, 1-2 page synopsis, 1-2 pages of comments, recommendation for material and writer ("Pass" thru "Recommend")

SHORT COVERAGE (3-page report)
Same as above except 1/2 page synopsis and 1/2 page comments.

Includes full coverage components, except the comments feature a more extensive, element-by-element critique of the material with detailed rewrite recommendations.



Submission Form

pdfSubmission Release Agreement

Thoroughly read through our submission form, if at that time you wish to proceed, just fill out form completely and either fax (323-654-3010) or scan and email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an executed submission form. We cannot do any work before receiving submission form signed by the author of material submitted for analysis.



You Send Us Material

Please e-mail us your scripts in PDF format.

Work on your job will begin upon receipt of executed submission form, script and payment. Please use the pay now tab at the bottom of this web page.

Identity Films will confirm receipt of executed submission form, script and payment and let you know by what date and time you will receive your coverage or notes.



We Send You Your Report

We e-mail your coverage or notes to you by no later than the established due date.

It’s that simple!


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